Shemron Suites - All Suites Hotel - Deep River, Ontario

Shemron Suites - All Suites Hotel - Deep River, Ontario

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112 Deep River Road
Deep River K0J1P0
Tel 613-584-1100
Fax 613-584-9679
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To make your reservation we recommend that you call ahead and book with your personal information and credit card handy. All reservations made without a credit card on file will be considered tentative, are not guaranteed and will receive low priority should another individual require a room for the same duration.


We do not require the booking to be paid for at the time of your reservation, nor do we require a deposit. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Cash as a form of payment. We do not do direct billing unless it has been pre-arranged at the time of the booking.Please note that we operate a 24 hr cancellation policy.


For availability inquiries please email or call us at the appropriate places listed on our Contact page.